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A cyberspace dungeon crawler where you defend your hard drive from incoming viruses with a crazy new twist, your keyboard is your hard drive.
PC, Mac, Linux
Round Table Studio

Use your entire keyboard to protect & upgrade your PC as a brand-new AntiVirus software. As endless waves of viruses threaten to stir the peace of your computer you must fight with everything you have to keep them at bay.

What sets this project apart:
- A completely unique and never before seen control scheme

- Unique setting that allows for a whole new renaissance of storytelling.
- Heart-thumping, rave atmosphere

Anti-Virus: Cyber Guardian is a blend of unique keyboard traversal movement mixed with a rogue like progression systems where the longer you last against endless hordes of viruses attempting to take over your computer, the more keys you are able to upgrade to increase your arsenal of impressive Anti-Virus tools.